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Video of Cat Slowly Warming Up to New Golden Puppy Gives Us all the Feels

Whoever said cats and dogs can't be friends clearly never met these two polite fur sisters. Sure, not every feline-canine pairing will be as perfect as this, but every four-legged companion could take some notes from them. Meet Olive and Daisy.

Daisy the cat was an only child for a while, so she wasn't too sure what to think when she met Olive for the first time. The Golden Retriever puppy was so respectful of her big sister's space, though, and it made a world of difference. This incredible transformation was shared on the TikTok account @olive.goldenlife, but this sisterly bond is a result of hard work from both furry girls. It's every pet owner's dream!

Good girls! It's so heartwarming that Daisy was able to take her time and warm up to her sis on her own terms. It's the start of a wonderful friendship for sure. 

Some of the viewers noticed this, too! @Kalastop posted the most-liked comment of the video and said, "Both behaving perfect not overdoing this new sisterhood to be." We couldn't have said it better ourselves! Their relationship is off to a strong start to be certain, and we have no doubt "they’ll definitely end up being best friends"--just like @phantomavocado2 said!

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Still, Daisy's hesitant reaction did get a chuckle out of us. We totally agree with @alexdasoriginal that she looks like she's "silently plotting the kill," but by the end of the video she already seemed way more relaxed. Great job, pet parents, for letting your fur babies control their introduction!

This sisterly relationship is extra special because not all animal siblings get along at first like these two. Just ask the commenters! Our favorite story belonged to @crayfishluna, who said, "When my mum got a dog, her cat smacked it on the bottom once to say i was here first, now they're besties. 💀🤣🥰." LOL--at least they're friends now!

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