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Cat's Excitement Over Watching Birds on TV Backfires Miserably in Hilarious Video

We've seen recent videos of pets enjoying watching TV. Sometimes, it's because they have a favorite show, or maybe they see another animal on-screen. Their curiosity always gets the best of them as they look around to see where the animal went. And sometimes, chasing after what's on TV doesn't always work out in their favor.

Take for example TikTok user @naeliii's curious cat named Loki. Loki was watching TV when a bird appeared on the screen. According to the creator, Loki was pacing back and forth while the bird was on the screen. That's why it came as such a shock when Loki did the unexpected. Watch how his curiosity took him to new heights, literally. 

We feel bad for laughing, but don't worry, Loki is perfectly fine! So if you want to laugh at Loki's horrible miscalculation, go right ahead. Poor Loki! He really believed he was going to catch the bird, too. "So much confidence in that jump😭," said @graecyn

"I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky 😂," commented @Red. Doesn't Loki know he can't fly? Only his brother Thor can 😂. But solely based on the only Marvel character Loki, we'll bet this cat will continue trying. "Spider cat," said @swagmom2000. The creator responded by saying, "He's in the Marvel Universe for sure." We'll take a Loki vs. Loki movie! 

The jump came as a shock to not only us, but the mom and the other cat that was sitting on the bed. LOL. @kaleigh wrote, "The other cat is like, 'I don't know him'😂." He didn't want to be seen with such a childish kitty. You'll get that bird one day, Loki, one day!