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Cat's Reaction to Watching 'Moana' Is So Good We Don't Know Where to Begin

Admit it. We all have a favorite Disney movie. There's no shame in saying you've shed a tear (or three) when watching Up. So it sort of makes sense that our pets have their favorites too. A cat on TikTok was so obsessed with his number one movie night pick that his owners just had to capture it on camera. And now video of the cat's hilarious reaction has people cracking up online. 

We guess Winnie was really feeling the movie because he was caught on camera having the time of his life! The video on @kendylhjohnson's TikTok page shows Winnie watching the Disney hit Moana — and yep, he was definitely saying "You're Welcome." "I think Moana is his new favorite movie," the video's text overlay reads. Just check out what Winnie is doing with his hands. He's totally copying what he sees onscreen!

"An old video of Winnie watching his favorite movie," the video's caption reads. 

Over 1.7 million people have watched Winnie's video and the comments section was just as smitten as we were. "My cat loves the Lion King, so cute when they get entertained by graphic visuals," @jessraven15 wrote. "I named my cat Moana because she was so interested in the movie as well," @catarinasugarscene shared. "That's funny, he is maybe trying to make the water go over her head and swim. That is so funny he is like watch my magic powers," @rosegangameliastorey chimed in. "My cat loves Disney movies too! She will watch so patiently," @fortshiisopp commented. 

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We suggest that Winnie try other cat-approved movies like The Aristocats, Cats, and Garfield: The Movie. Happy watching!

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