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Cat's 'Intrigued' Reaction to New Netflix Documentary About Cats Is on Point

Cats are extremely intelligent creatures. They often derive entertainment from watching and tracking smaller animals, such as birds or squirrels out the window. One cat is taking his entertainment source a step further and keeping himself occupied by watching cat documentaries on Netflix.

TikTok user @tori.findlay recently shared a video of her cat, Miloh, watching a Netflix documentary about cats called "Inside the Mind of a Cat." In the video, Miloh is clearly very intrigued by what he is seeing and hearing on the television screen. Check out the video to see how we can tell Miloh is paying close attention to the program.

This is too funny, talk about perfect timing! The documentary explained that if the tip of a cat's tail is twitching, it means they are intrigued right at the same time that Miloh's tail was twitching in the video! He clearly loved hearing these things about his species. To top it off, the cat on the screen looks exactly like Miloh!

People in the comments couldn't believe how much attention Miloh was giving this program. @calebnielsen05 said, "Bro is intrigued about being intrigued," and @xxneko__kingxx commented, "Guys, I think he might be intrigued." Hmm, something is telling us Miloh might be intrigued but we're not sure what.

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Others imaged what Miloh might have been thinking in this moment. @sodickstracted commented, 'He’s thinking, “IDK who drew that cat… but it’s giving… ME.” Another user, @the.dreamfactory said, 'Cat's like, "Why is he spilling all the tea?"' Miloh is concerned that this documentary is revealing all of the feline secrets and tricks!

Miloh wasn't the only kitty who watched this documentary. Many people in the comments said their cats reacted similarly when they watched the program. Perhaps there is something specific in the documentary designed to increase the intrigue of cats across the country as a marketing ploy. If that's the case, it's working! We will be watching this with out kitties ASAP!

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