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Cat’s Epic Reaction to Watching a Cooking Show Is Simply the Best

A cat on TikTok is going viral for the adorable reaction they had while watching a cooking video on YouTube. Apparently, the unnamed kitty was very influenced by what he was seeing. And after watching the clip, we hope you’ll agree that this cat needs their own Food Network show — stat. 

Footage of the cat has been watched over 700,000 times — and TBH we really get it. The video shared by @jimwalsh54 shows his cat watching a baking video online. Cleary the cat is destined to be on the next round of "Top Chef" and proved his cooking prowess by the hilarious way he reacted to what he was seeing. There’s a reason why they call it “making biscuits” after all.

So many people wrote in to @jimwalsh54’s comments section, and many of them were laughing their buns off. “He just had to make sure he was doing it right,” @candywiife wrote. “He’s a visual learner, love that,” @kara.carter joked. “The fact that he’s actually watching it while making his bread lol,” @audrey_elisee added. “Slow down Martha, I don't got thumbs,” @sykotyk chimed in.

This wasn’t the last time that this cat was gripped by what he was watching on his computer. In a second video on @jimwalsh54’s page, the cat was giving his full attention to a video of birds. It was so obvious that all this little guy wanted to do was reach out and touch what he was seeing!

It's fair to say that at this point we'd pretty much eat any biscuits that this kitty would serve us. Just as long as he kneads it first!