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Cat's Intent Focus While Watching Netflix Documentary About Cats Couldn't Be Better

Documentaries are a great educational tool. They provide an interesting and engaging way to learn new information and discover more about yourself and the word around you. One cat recently learned about the wonders of documentaries, and he was locked in while watching this program!

TikTok user @life_of_egg shared a video of their cat, Egg, watching the documentary Inside the Mind of a Cat. This is a new documentary on Netflix where cat experts explain the capabilities of our feline friends, and Egg seems to be very intrigued by the program! The text on the video says that Egg had been sitting in front of the television for 15 minutes intently watching the documentary. It seems like this kitty had his interest piqued! Check out the video to see how Egg tuned in to the documentary. 

Wow, Egg's eyes were glued to that television screen! It is so cute and funny how focused he was on the documentary. He seemed to be studying the program to learn all the different tricks those cats were doing, but his mom reassured him that he didn't need to worry about learning those, and they love him just the way he is!

People in the comments agreed that Egg might have been worried about having to improve his cat skills. @orphenor said, "He looks so stressed about having to learn fancy tricks," and @user644677789 commented, "Egg is doing his best and that’s all anyone could ask for." Egg shouldn't be worried, he is already a special boy just the way he is!

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Others shared stories of their own cats watching the documentary as well! @tsandor01 commented, "Our cat watched the entire thing, she was glued to the screen." Another user, @emmabest05, said, "Omg my cat was in a daze watching this program with me the other night." It seems like this documentary is all the rage for felines across the globe right now!

We hope Egg isn't worried about learning any new tricks or putting on any fancy show. The documentary was awesome, and Egg seemed to enjoy it, but he is already purrfect without any of the fancy moves those other cats have!

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