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Cat Casually Scrolls Through TikTok Just Like a Human Being

Okay, let's all admit it. TikTok is a timesuck. You say "Oh! I think my niece uploaded a new video of her Squishmallow collection I should quick comment on!" and the next thing you know six hours have just been lost to videos about people making other food items out of Little Debbie Christmas tree cakes and face contouring tutorials and whatever Penn Badgley is doing right now

This beautiful yet utterly lazy Sphynx cat posted by @_cat_riki is all of us. Seriously cat, don't you have laundry to fold? 

@Jillflames50 comments, "I swear, cats these days don't even go outside to play anymore. It's all phones and iPads!" LOL! @PaulMoreau adds, "This explains all the Amazon cart orders!" @Rosietunniclife hilariously says, "Oh God, I thought that I'd accidentally switched on my front camera!" 

Maybe we need to write a pet parental guide like "How to Encourage your Cat to Put Down Their Device." Or, maybe we are all this cat. I mean, this face isn't going to contour itself. 

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