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Cat's Reaction to Mom Kicking Over Its Water Bowl Is Cracking Us Up

Cats aren't exactly known for their politeness, so if something isn't to their liking they're going to say so--or, in this case, show so. From scratches to facial expressions, there are so many ways a feline expresses their feelings. Even if they're a bit blunt, or downright rude at times, they get the point across. That's what really matters, right?

For this silly orange and white cat, though, getting the point across isn't nearly enough. The annoyed animal in @folllter's video isn't letting up this stink-eye anytime soon, and TikTok is positively living for it. You'll totally see why!

It's unclear whether @folllter is the original owner of this footage, but the look on the kitty's face says all you need to know, no matter who filmed the clip.

Hehehe--we just love this grumpy cat. This is the exact look we would expect a kitty to give their owner after knocking over their bowl, and it's everything we've ever hoped for plus more. Honestly, though, it's hard to take such a cute face so seriously!

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"Cats is like how dare you😂," commented @strawhatedits_. Right?! Without them speaking a single word we feel like we could read this lil' kitty's mind. It's probably because we've all felt the same way at some point or another!

"He like girl u really serious 😅," @champagne_mama said. LMAO! There is definitely a sense of disbelief mixed in with the annoyance; we can see it in their eyes. It's still relatable AF though, and very, very cute. No wonder this pet parent got it on film!

Still, it's pretty dang cat-like that "the judgment never ends." like @Millybeauty667 noticed. She was spot on! @Pontiacjack_bumpbump added that, "cats hold serious grudges," and if this video isn't proof, we don't know what is. We just hope this fur baby got a new bowl of water! 

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