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Cat's Hilarious Way of Welcoming Mom Home Is Impossible to Resist

Being a cat mama is such a treat. You're always learning something new about your animals. And sometimes their unusual habits can really crack you up. Take one video from a TikTok creator named Jennifer (@jennizepol), who couldn't stop laughing when she saw the unusual way her cat Nala greeted her when she came home. 

This must've happened before because the TikToker wasn't exactly surprised by her cat's hilarious hello. However, we're definitely grateful that she shared the hysterical video with the rest of us. "Always jumping on the hood of my car to welcome me home," she wrote in the video's caption. The cat mom even gave her car's horn a light beep to say hello back, but you'll have to watch the video below to see how Nala reacts. 

The video has since been watched over 1 million times and people in the comments section couldn't stop cracking up. "Lmfao I have a Kia and an orange cat that does this I felt like I posted it lmdao," @kaitlynr.towler shared. "After that second jump where she starts walking towards the door like listen here woman! I can't stop watching!" @hisfiestysouthernqueen teased. "I watched this entirely too many times and laughed so hard I nearly peed myself," @pettylabelle46 admitted. "The way he reacted to the first beep looked like he farted and it scared him," @blazeswift noted. 

Thankfully, the beep was all in good fun and it's clear from the cat mama's page that she loves her kitty dearly. 

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