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Cat's Adorable Case of the 'Zoomies Growls' Has TikTok Obsessed

Like most cats, Nimbus can get a little cranky when he's full of energy. Just like he did in a recent video on TikTok, where the Blue Lynx Point Siberian was caught making the grumpiest noises while having a case of the zoomies. It's okay Nimbus, we've all been there!

Described by his owner @nimbus_siberian as the "king of late night zoomies," Nimbus more than delivered in a recent video on his page. The footage shows Nimbus during one of his nightly energy bursts, with his owner trailing behind. "Your weekly dose of zoomie growls," his owner joked in the text overlay. And yep, before you know it Nimbus lets out the sweetest little growl. See for yourself!

The cat's owner couldn't help but crack up from behind the camera. "Happy Monday," she joked in the caption. 

With over 1.7 million views, it seems like tons of people could relate. "You can tell he’s playing because he goes from a complete puff ball to smooth in seconds. So stinkin' cute!" @nikki7789 wrote in the comments section. "My cat heard that then proceeded to attack my hand holding my phone," @joshdegraaf shared. "My Ragdoll does the same, sounds like the devil is being summoned at 3 am," @andfourstudio joked. "My cat did not like this. Woke up from a dead sleep and had bug eyes," @amandad822 teased. 

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Along with the zoomies, Nimbus loves to play hide and seek. Which his owner showed in another video on his page. 

"He loves this game, I swear," she joked in the caption. Nimbus just has a unique way of showing that he's having a good time. 

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