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Video Shows the All-Too-Real Struggle of Having Curtains and Cats

There are things most of us enjoy doing in the privacy of our own homes. Getting out of the shower wearing only a towel and eating a cupcake at the kitchen counter. Watching Hallmark movies and crying while eating a cupcake at the kitchen counter. Eating a cupcake at the kitchen counter while checking the oven to see if the cupcakes we are baking have finished cooking. While naked. 

You know who doesn't care one iota about our precious privacy? OUR CATS. Because they have some sort of personal vendetta against curtains and blinds and are on a mission to destroy them all. Just watch this video posted by TikTok user @MyPrideandDucks and see if this looks familiar. 

Either cats hate window coverings, or our nosy neighbors are paying them to spy on us. @Limegreensocks says, "Add the lack of a screen door (for the same reason), and this is my life." @Kiersetn1222099 posts, "I can so relate!!!. I thought I adopted 3 cats but they fooled me. I have a trio of monkeys." @B hilariously comments, "I said to my young murder mittens- can I not have ONE thing that doesn't have snag marks in it ??" LOL, murder mittens. 

There are ways to keep your cats off the curtains - try to tempt them with a cat tree to climb on instead, squirt them with water when they start to climb the curtains, gently remove them from the curtains and redirect their attention elsewhere. Or, you know, get wood shutters, and tell your cats you need your privacy so you can dance around the living room with them! In private! Naked! Possibly while eating cupcakes! 

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