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Video Explaining How a Cat's Memory Works Is So Fascinating

We love when a video is not only entertaining, but educates us about our pets. That why TikTok user @Healthycatguy is such a great account to follow, because he always has something interesting to teach us about our feline companions. 

Did you know that in some ways cats have a memory that is 200 times better than a dog? Watch this to get some awesome cat knowledge dropped on you. 

It's all just so interesting! Interesting, and funny, like @Jbar1701 who hilariously posts, "So my cat does REMEMBER that he isn’t allowed on the counters, he just doesn’t care." Nope, he does not care at all. Counters are where the snacks are. @Ginge adds, "So my cat remembers that time I stepped on him! IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!" Awwww, LOL! @Alexandra has strong opinions about this, commenting, "Another reason why cats are SUPERIOR!" 

I think it's sometimes easy to forget how smart and trainable cats are, probably because we are too busy petting and cuddling with them. This is probably our sign we need to start working with them more on repeating behaviors we want and maybe even learning some simple tricks. They are so much smarter than we realize!

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