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Viral Video of Cats Enjoying a Boat Tour in Amsterdam Couldn't Be More Satisfying

These gorgeous cats are certainly living their best lives! They're bedecked in bows and enjoying the scenery while on the trip of a lifetime. There's nothing like being able to enjoy a vacation with your furry friends, and these felines almost look like they know how lucky they are.

Owner @spongecake_cats took his cats, and yes, that's plural, cats, on vacation to Amsterdam, and you have to see the video to believe what a time these beautiful spoiled floofs are having. Check them out!

That's traveling with three cats all the way from NYC to Amsterdam, and now these cats and their doting owner are in Paris. @Sarahspradlin has a hilarious comment, which sums up what a lot of us are thinking: "Idk why but my favorite part of this video is that you said 'for the first time,' How many times are you gonna take them?" To be fair, we think if a lot of us cat owners had babies this mellow and well-behaved we'd take them on sight-seeing boat tours, too. 

These bow-clad (And their owner makes the bows for them) babies are obviously super well-socialized and used to strangers, because the videos on this feed show them all being petted and handled by excited people @Spongecake_cats encounters. The rest of us cat owners can't even get our cats to walk with a harness! 

Keep your eyes out for these well-traveled felines when in NYC or elsewhere, seems like this is definitely not the last trip they will take. 

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