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Family's Christmas Tree Is No Match for Their Mischievous Cats

There are really excellent tips for keeping your beloved cat out of the Christmas tree. You can try and distract them with toys and scratching posts. You can surround the base of your Christmas tree with tinfoil in an attempt to deter your cat. Or, you can just make peace with the fact your holiday tree really belongs to your cats and invest in some shatterproof ornaments. 

TikTok user @TheShepherdTwins posted this hilarious video with her cats Archie and Atlas hard at work while mom was away. If destroying Christmas ornaments is a cat's job, these two deserve a raise. 

To be fair, the ornament count was only nine. Between these two boys that's less than five each! @Blackcatmama posts, "How do you know it was them? Do you have video proof? They look entirely innocent to me." Yup, us too! @Allie adds, "Hard working men. They deserve a treat." Not believing the cats had anything to do with this, @Joy says, "It was the dog! If you don’t have a dog it was the neighbor." 

These cats are for sure some hard workers. We can't wait to see what they do to the wrapping and ribbons once some gifts are placed under the tree! 

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