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Cat's 'Christmas Tree Problems' Prove the Tree Struggle is Real

Are you one of those people who waited until the stoke of midnight on November 1st to bust out all of your Christmas decorations? If you're a cat owner, then you know there's a special set of rules you must adhere to in order to celebrate the holiday while owning a cat. No poinsettia plants! No tinsel because cats love to eat it. 

And, you probably need to think twice about protecting your Christmas tree, as this hilarious video posted by TikTok user @GeorgeandMerlin proves. 

The struggle is real! The comments on this video show everyone can relate. @Ellencole1201 says, "Debating not putting mine up this year as we have a little kitten that gets into everything." Awwww, kittens are adorable little Christmas ruin-ers! @Katkrazy1988 adds, "We used to nail ours to the floor, through the carpet, so the cat wouldn’t knock it over." LOL! That's one way of doing it!

@SiobhanBrennan asks, "Have you got any tips for Christmas? It's my first year with our kittens and his first Christmas too." @Merlinanngeorge suggests, "So far only tip is to put the tree up without decorations first so they get used to it." We have also seen people placing the tree in a playpen or having a baby or pet gate around it to keep curious kitties out. Or, you could go the old fashioned way, and just have a squirt gun handy. Whatever works, right?

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