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Cats' Reactions to Dad Telling Them It's Dinner Time Are Just Too Cute

Are there any two words sweeter than "dinner time?" Definitely not. And two cats on TikTok know it. The two kitties, Winston and Spooky, were so excited when their dad came into the room and told them that dinner was ready. Thank goodness their dad got the adorable moment on video! 

The cat dad (@winstonandspooky) seemed to know exactly what was going to happen when he walked into the room and asked his cats if they were ready to eat. Take a look!

"One of the funniest parts of my day is telling my cats that it's (finally) their dinner time," he wrote in the video's text overlay. "Hey, do you guys want food?" he can be heard asking from behind the camera.  The looks on his cats faces! Yep, dad. They were definitely ready to eat. 

"I'm convinced my cats could speak english if they wanted to," he later joked in the caption. 

People in the comments section couldn't stop laughing. "The 'you mean it?' face is so funny, that cat has trust issue," @cactusflowah joked. "Lol I don’t even need to tell them. They can tell by the way I stand up whether I’m feeding them or not then they bolt to their bowls," @zak_moh shared. "My cat is exactly the same she starts meowing whenever we say food it’s so cute," @paigeandrewss added. 

Bon appétit! 

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