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Images From the Early 1900s of People Dressing Up Their Cats Are So Fascinating

Cats are known for being a bit grumpy and begrudgingly tolerating the silly things their owners do with them, such as talking to their cats like humans or dressing their cats up in silly outfits. However, this is not a new phenomenon according to a recent TikTok video.

TikTok content creator @indiascarlett5 makes videos with historical feminine content, and in this video, she shared a video with several photos from the early 1900s of owners dressing their cats up in clothes. This is a practice that has stood the test of time for pet owners and continues to this day. Check out the videos to see what kitties were wearing 100 years ago!

This is so great! It's a fascinating little piece of history to see pet owners doing the same things a century apart, and it's so cute to see these cats in their outfits.

People in the comments of the video loved this content. said, "I love how we do silly funny things like this with our cats," and @nazifamussarrat1 commented, "The human urge to put clothes on cats and put them in strange containers is too real." We must admit we're guilty of doing the same things!

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Others loved the glimpse this showed us of life in the early 1900s. @pulp_free_fiction commented, "I absolutely love historical photos of pets and stories about pets. They really humanize history in a way that nothing else does," and @autumngravity said, "It always makes me happy to be reminded that humans have always been the same when it comes to cats." Seeing the way animals are treated throughout history is a great way to learn more about past cultures and priorities.

Hopefully, in 100 years historians will look at our photos of our cats wearing sweaters and hats, and they will see similarities to their pets as well.

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