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Video of Cats Enjoying 'Dunkin' Donuts' Pup Cups for the First Time Couldn't Be Sweeter

Little cups of whipped cream may be called 'pup cups' at coffee shops, but these two cats were lucky enough to get in on the action, too. Woody and Buzz, two mischievous orange felines, recently scared their mom by tagging along on an errand they weren't supposed to. Instead of getting in trouble, though--they got a treat!

The hilarious video was recorded and shared by @shelle.yeah on TikTok, though it's got tons of people talking now. The cats themselves are just too cute to handle, but their surprise adventure (and treat) is what really piqued the interest of viewers. It's just unusual all around!

We love these little feline brothers! They look very curious and inquisitive--no wonder they had a joy ride that morning! Despite the surprising incident, though, they look as chill and relaxed as can be. 

Other commenters noticed this too! @Shelly_1990 asked, "how do u get then to ride in the car calm?" but even the poster doesn't know! After all, these cat's weren't supposed to have been in the car. "I have no idea! I was very surprised how well they rode," she replied. "However it was probably much better than their morning ride near the engine 😅." Oh my goodness--we're just glad they're okay!

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We 100% approve of @shelle.yeah's treat-offering method of forgiveness, and we're positive her kitties do, too, but we're not the only humans who are on board! "I know dogs that are this level of spoiled.... not cats 😂," commented @misskate4. "I'm here for it!" You better bet we are, too!

Of course, the only other detail just as shocking as cats indulging in a pup cup is the price of the treat. Let's just say that viewers were not happy with the amount, but the cat mama didn't mind one bit. After all, it's all about making our fur babies happy! And that's exactly what she did.

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