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Story of Two Rescued Cats Who Fell in Love After Their Owners Did Is Just the Best

We all enjoy a great love story because they give us a pleasant and warm feeling inside. Love stories are even better when they involve our pets! One viral TikTok is sharing an awesome love story between two cats and their owners.

TikTok user @nala_meets_world recently shared a video about her orange rescue cat, Nala, and Nala's lover, another orange rescue cat named Diggle. Nala's and Diggle's owners met and fell in love, just the same as their cats did! Check out he video to see more of this awesome story.

Awww, this is too sweet! We think this is indisputable proof of pet soulmates and love soulmates. These four were obviously meant to be all together!

People in the comments are clamoring for this story to be made into a show or movie. @sullivanandhazel said, "No wait, it needs to be a show," and @emma.caroline26 commented, "I need this animated the same way 101 Dalmatians is animated." We would watch this endlessly if it was made into a form of media!

Others agreed that these four were proof of some higher power. @kattachibana commented, "If this is not fate, then I don't know what is," and @janicemailhot said, "Talk about a match made in heaven..." There must have been divine intervention at work to bring these two cat parents together to orchestrate this happy family.

We are obsessed with this love story and hope they stay together forever. Stories like this make us believe in love!