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Truth About How Cats Like to Be Fed Proves We've Been Doing It All Wrong

We think it's safe to say that everyone here wants to do what's best for their pets. From the healthiest foods and treats to the best toys and gadgets, we gladly spend our money to give our pets the best lives. But sometimes what we think is normal might not actually be what's best. That's whyTikTok user @twocrazycatladies is sharing some "Cat Tips of the Day" to ensure all the cat parents out there are doing what's best. 

In this cat lady duo's most recent video, which has already brought in 6.5 million views, we learned that even the bowl we use is all wrong. Apparently, cats don't like the bowls at all and they've been trying to tell us. You may have noticed your cat only eating from the center of the bowl. This is because the bowl might cause whiskey discomfort. Watch and learn what else might keep cats away from a bowl and the alternative to feeding them!

Wow, we had no idea! But this makes total sense. All this time, their poor little whiskers were hurting. Ugh! And now we feel terrible we didn't do this sooner! At least we know now and we can make the change to flat dishes or mats.

TikTokers are blown away by this informational video and they're already talking about making the switch to a flat dish for their cats to eat from. @bonfire817 wrote, "*runs into Kitoons room with a flat dish apologizing for any whiskular discomfort!*" That's how we all feel! We had no idea they were feeling any whiskular discomfort. LOL! @brickshitter2.0 added, "Done and done switching right now!! Thank you." That's the spirit! 

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"No wonder why my cat scoops it out with her paw," said @Daisy Campos. It all makes sense now! @Daniel de Jong asked, "Won't the food dry out if spread?" The creators responded by saying, "We only give them enough for a small meal and feed 3 or more times a day 😻😻😻." What a great idea! The more you know!

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