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Viral 'Fight' Between Two Cats Is So Cute People Can't Get Over It

Siblings show their love in the strangest ways--jokes, pranks, even fighting! Cats are no different. Though for Mango and Mochi, two Dollface Persian kittens, an MMA-style fight is one of their favorite ways to bond. It may sound intense, but the only thing 'extreme' about it is its cuteness. 

The hilarious viral moment was posted to Mango and Mochi's TikTok account, @mangomochi_cats, where they already boast nearly 19 thousand followers. That's nothing compared to the number of people who have seen this video, though. Over 3 million views later, the clip continues to melt hearts left and right. 

Don't you just love these cuties? We could watch them pounce over and over, and it won't ever get old! We're guessing we're not the only ones who feel this way...just look at the comments!

"CUTEST FIGHT EVER! 🥰," wrote @missy1florida, and we totally agree! Honestly, can we even truly call this a fight? @Ladyandtheblues thought it looked more like a "hug😂," which we found positively adorable, too. 

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It's easy to see how they thought that way! Between all that fluff and their tiny sizes, there's nothing even remotely vicious about it. Just like @fhakdjhf, you might've found yourself asking, "Did that cat just square up???" Yes, yes he did, and you know you loved it.

GEllyandSaetin sure did. They commented, "You know I'm seeing a lot of conflict over a lot of political things on myFYP. Then this popped up and I can breathe again." Aww, we love that. Animals can brighten our days unlike anything else, even when the world feels too heavy. For that, we are eternally grateful!

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