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Video of Cats Finally Meeting After Months of Watching Each Other Is As Cute As It Gets

Like two star-crossed lovers before them, a video on TikTok might just have you thinking of Romeo and Juliet. Albeit, a slightly more furry version. The footage shared on the @thelifeof_toulouse page shows two cats finally meeting after months of being divided by a wall between their houses. And if you ask us, it's definitely love. 

It seems like Toulouse has been planning the meet-up for a long time, but the video shows the exact moment he got what his heart desired. "After months of staring at each other...," the text overlay of the video reads. 

He made the jump! "First nose to nose meeting," the text overlay reads. "It finally happened," the caption reads. 

Hooray! We love a happy ending. And it looks like we weren't the only ones who were happy to see these lovebirds have their moment at last. "He jumped for her and she appreciated so she moved in for a little sniff," @user6318843636367 joked. "Romeow and Meowliet," @mewtyclegane quipped. "So now even cats have better love life than me.. cute tho," @iamsabinamichalkova lamented. "They got over the talking stage," @adammocean teased.

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A past video on the page shows Toulouse doing a little training to meet his beloved. "Today Toulouse discovered that he can jump high enough to get on that wall," the video's text overlay reads. Of course, the first thing he did after learning the new skill was hop the wall and go into the neighbor's yard.

*Sigh* — cats gonna cat. 

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