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Video of Woman Being Followed by Dozens of Cats on Her Walk Has People So Envious

There are lucky people, and then there is this woman. 

TikTok is imploding with envy after @mewtewsrefugeinc shared a video of her attempt to go on a walk while living on an animal rescue. Originally, it was just supposed to be her and her two dogs getting some exercise, but it didn't take long for her feline family to notice she was headed somewhere. 

Before she knew it, she had dozens of followers--and not the TikTok kind!

How cute is it that the cats are all tagging along? It would be less surprising if just one or two enjoyed going for a walk, but the fact that every single one followed has us--and the commenters-- dying!

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"LUCKY YOU HAVE A CAT ARMY🥺🥺🥺" wrote @sharklover_36. LOL! That is what it looks like, though, especially if you saw them all approaching from afar. We can only hope that the real thing would be as cute as the image we have in our minds.

We're honestly relieved to see that we're not the only jealous one, though. "Why don’t these things happen to me😭😭" @victoria_3706 asked. We wish we knew! At least we can all commiserate over our shared jealousy. Just like @sxyyler, though, we "wish these were [our] kinds of problems )" instead of the lack of cats on a walk we normally get.

Commenter @catluvrrrrrr666 is on the right track by thinking of using the cats for motivation. "This is why I WOULD go on walks,"she wrote. Us, too! At first thought, it's hard to see why @mewtewsrefugeinc would take her car out to avoid this kitty stampede--like @jennaconkus said, "what’s the problem?"--but then again, two cats would be much easier to control than two dozen. Plus, two dogs!

In addition to being chaotic and stressful, we could see how being followed by dozens of animals could make a person nervous. Luckily, this kitty rescuer is no stranger to this feline pack, and had no problem modifying her walk to the needs of the group.

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