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Cats' Responses to Realizing They're Taking a Road Trip Is Gaining Sympathy From Pet Parents

Traveling isn't for everyone, we get it. You're in a new place with unfamiliar people, amenities, and even food. It can be a lot to take in, even on the best of days, but we don't blame you if the mere thought of travel makes you panic. 

These unhappy cats don't blame you, either. In fact, they feel the same way! When Winston and Spooky saw their dad packing up their water bowls and bringing out their carriers, absolute chaos ensued. Pet parents can relate to the struggle on both ends--sometimes it's a journey just to get out the door with one fur child, let alone two--but at least everyone got a laugh in the meantime!

Oh man, it's like that music was made for that video! These kitties are too funny once they start getting suspicious. It's no surprise other pet parents thought of their cats' own travel shenanigans. 

"Mine used to be like that," @plainiejanie commented. "Now she just plays dead and growls a little. She’s like “I’ll go but you will not receive any help and you get attitude.” What a little diva! Still, it's probably easier to catch her than these two escape artists. 

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As difficult as it may have been to get these cuties ready to travel, it was pretty entertaining to watch. The moment "when he realized the bedroom door was closed 💀" was a favorite of @itsantt_'s, and it certainly was the moment the true chaos began. 

In the midst of this insanity, though, the true meme royalty revealed themselves. Commenter @pregame_sports dropped the mic with, "Insert Michael Scott Gif: 'NO GOD PLEASE NO,'” much to the amusement of viewers. Over 18 thousand likes later, there's a reason this reference reigns supreme.

For anyone who has seen The Office, you'll know how perfectly that sound fits. So perfectly, in fact, that Winston and Spooky made a remix!

Behold, The Meowffice.

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