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Ridiculously Loud Purring Comes From the Last Place We Expected

The meme that shows a cat in an unusual place like a pizza box or a small mixing bowl or on top of a refrigerator that says "If it fits, I sits" is a meme for a reason. Cats always find the most bizarre places to relax in! Bathroom sinks! Cardboard Boxes! Grocery bags! 

But the cat in the following clip that @Petatyourphone posted takes home the award for the weirdest place to sleep and the weirdest place to sleep while looking extremely comfy doing so. We never would have looked up! 

This is just amazing! That purr! His totally relaxed splayed stance! The way his beautiful eyes open as if to say "Yeah, so? I iz comfy!" @Jenzworld4 replies, "Freaking hilarious!" @ferozamajiet470 adds, "My babies sound like that!" @petatyourphone said "He was sleeping soundly, but I was still a little worried about his safety." Us too! But something tells me this guy is used to sleeping in odd places. 

We never would have thought to look up, but the next time we're in a major city we will be looking up and under for cats everywhere. Or at the very least, checking every box we can find. Considering most cats sleep between 16-20 hours a day, we should get lucky eventually! 

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