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Cat Casually Figures Out How to Open Doors Like It's NBD

Cats are so smart! We have seen cats travel hundred of miles to locate their family after they are lost. Cats who tell their pet parents when they need their litter changed. And cats who are able to open doors when their owners find themselves locked out. 

Just look at this adorable feline that @Earthtolaura owns who is teaching himself how to deal with a door that is shut and then tell us cats aren't brilliant. 

Cats are amazing! We love how you can almost see his brain working while he figures out exactly what doorknobs do. It's possible to train your cat to open doors, and using a clicker, treats and a door lever handle seems to be the easiest way to do so. You start by showing the cat the handle, dangling a toy or a cat dancer by the door handle, and when your cat jumps up and shows interest rewarding them with a treat. 

Repeat this while demonstrating to them both the door open and closed and continue the steps while offering a treat each time. This may take a while to accomplish and not all cats will be able to figure it out, but if your cat is curious enough and reward-motivated you can train them to do a lot of things. In no time you'll never have to worry if you forgot your keys again! 

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