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Cat Refusing to Let His Brother Play in 'His Box' Is Beyond Funny

Ask any parent of multiple children and they will tell you that their kids can, on occasion, have a tendency to be utter little jerk-faces when it comes to sharing their toys. Cat parents are exactly the same. Give your child (fur or human) a new toy to play with and two seconds later someone, or something is coming along to snatch it out of their hands, er.. paws. 

That's the case with TikTok user @Lokidostricks who left a cardboard box out for her cats to enjoy and one of them, well, he's not into this whole sharing business. Watch this funny video to see what we mean. 

He's all "NOPE. It's mine! Let's see you just try and play with MY box." @Notreal855 posts, "The other cat is probably extremely uncomfortable but is staying in the box just to prove a point!" LOL! He's not moving. @ElLoboloco88 comments, “If your brother steals your box, sit on it so he can’t play in there. Be a cat.” @Mariesmith is no stranger to this not sharing situation, adding, "There’s a box with a lid in my house, so my one cat sits on the lid to hold it closed and traps the other inside." 

That's the funny thing about cats, if the owner gave the greedy one a new mouse or crinkle ball to play with he STILL wouldn't care if his sibling cat was busy with the box. Cats, so territorial. Cats, so adorably awful at sharing their toys. Just like some human kids! 

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