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Cat Plays 'Fetch' Just Like a Dog and It's Too Cute

A lot of people assume that cats aren't as smart as dogs, and they wold be wrong. Cats are just as capable of learning tricks as dogs are, and one of the games they really love is playing fetch. It stimulates their prey instinct, cats love pleasing their owners, and to them it's just plain fun. 

Just check out clever Earthing here, the smart kitty owned by TikTok user @Earthlingbaby. This little guy is a toy-retrieving expert! 

He's so excellent at this game! Taffy agrees posting, "Chases it, murders it, then brings mom the prize!" @LisaNorris comments, "Bunny kicks to Garfield’s face then back for another toss!" Those bunny kicks are just too adorable. @KiKistephens noticed that too, adding"This is so adorable!! Had to stop for a few bunny kicks lol." 

If you'd like to teach your own feline friend to fetch, we have an excellent article with tips and tricks for teaching your cat how to fetch their toys. With a toy your cat loves, some catnip and lots of repetition, your own kitty will be playing fetch before you know it! 

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