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Cat's Swanky Private Bedroom With a TV and 'Ensuite Bath' Is a Sight to Behold

There's no question that the Millennial and Gen Z generations are doing life a little differently. The timeline of getting married and having kids is getting pushed back further and further. And instead of having kids, these generations are building an empire for their pets. The running joke is how pets are getting spoiled by two-income parents with no kids. LOL, must be the life! 

If we could be any pet with millennial parents, we'd pick a cat named Stella. TikTok user @newbuild_newlyweds recently moved across the country with Stella. To make her transition a little easier, the couple decided to make a cat cave for her in their 1974 fixer-upper. To say that we're jealous is an understatement. Stella has it all in her new room, and you won't believe the additions they put in for her! 

Is that real life?! A bed, a couch, TV, decor AND kitty wallpaper! A dream! Stella couldn't believe it either. She was checking everything out slowly to be sure she didn't miss a thing. 

"Bro, the cat's room is actually nicer than mine💀," commented @Ahmed Bariun. The cat's room is nicer than all of ours probably! "Do you need another cat? I can purr..." said @Amy Rawlings. LOL. We will gladly take one for the team and purr our day away to get a cat cave like this! "I'd be afraid my cat would never want to hang out with me again 😂," joked @Arica. Would you blame your cat though?! That room is AWESOME! 

So, how did Stella end up with this fancy private bedroom? Take a look at how this reno couple transformed the closet into Stella's oasis.

Do you think they can come and redo our bedroom?! LOL. 

"So this is what they mean when they say 'Pets are the new kids and plants are the new pets'? 😂," said @HapEGoLucky. Ha! We told you this was the running joke for younger generations.