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Cat's Response To Meeting Newborn Baby Is Even Sweeter Than Expected

Bringing home a new baby is an adjustment for everyone, even your furry friends. What in the world will they think of a tiny, crying human? It can be difficult to know exactly how that first introduction is going to go--especially when cats are involved-- but these parents were thrilled with the way these new siblings met. 

New mom and TikTok user @leandra.janai just had to share the sweet moment, and boy are we glad she did. It's priceless! We don't want to give anything away--it's even cuter when you see for yourself--but both siblings respond in the absolute best way. We're obsessed!

Did you see the little smile on that baby's face? It's every mother's dream! No wonder Leandra captioned the video "cue my postpartum hormones"--even those who haven't had children are absolutely melting! Still, we couldn't help but laugh at @triplelll84's comment: "How dare you??? I'm over here, 33 weeks pregnant, minding my own business scrolling TT with my cat." LOL!

While half of us were cooing over the cuteness of these two, the other half "was waiting for the cat to break out the skippity paps 😂." Well--if that's how you want to put it! We'd be lying if we said we weren't worried about the very same thing, but it was only gentle sniffs and boops in the end.

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"CAT: "Well it smells like milk so it can't be all bad !" commented @robertrobinson. Ha! Maybe the familiar smell (AKA Mom's smell) made the introduction a little smoother for the Tortoiseshell, but it almost doesn't matter why it was so good. It just was! 

Needless to say, Leandra is one lucky mom!  

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