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Video of Cats Reuniting After One Spent 3 Months in Quarantine Is As Good As It Gets

Reunions are some of life's greatest gifts. The excitement and anticipation, the pure joy of seeing one could it get better than that? With two adorable cats, that's how.It's absolutely no surprise that @ally_boland's video of her cats' first hello in a while is going viral--it's positively precious! Here's the scoop: one of her ginger cats, Tigger, was sick for the last three months, so he was kept under quarantine to keep his feline brother healthy. 

Being the little champ he is, he kicked that illness's butt and was able to be with his best friend again. As you can imagine, the bros were beyond happy to see one another--and it shows! Not only are they attached at the hip, but they even get to share a hug. Yes, really!

Aww! BRB while we watch this on repeat! The warm fuzzy feelings this video gives us are unlike anything else. We can really feel the love!

So can all the commenters on this video--no wonder it's gone viral so quickly! @Chemiebabyy could practically read one of the fur babies' minds with her clever quip: "he’s like MY GUY YOU'RE BACK!!" We can practically hear the excited meows!

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Then there's @eri.doesdumbstuff, who had to ask what we were all wondering. "3 MONTHS? Omg!!" he wrote. Thankfully, Ally was able to clear things up.

"Yes :( we were worried he had FIP which is highly contagious and deadly," she explained. "But 3 years later he’s still going strong!" OMG! We had no idea that this video was taken 3 years ago, but it's worth every view, comment, and like either way.

It's also an awesome lesson in safety for any multi-pet households. Navigating illness can be one of the trickiest parts of owning an animal, but the challenge is worth every moment of health and love you get to share together. 

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