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Video of Cats Enjoying a Sled Ride Is Simply Amazing

Winter is nearly here, and we can’t wait for the snow to start sticking. We’re more than ready to make snowmen, and snow angels and hit the slopes. And who knows, maybe this year we’ll bring along our fur babies.

For starters, we can take them on a sled and see how they like it. We can walk them around the yard slowly so they can see the snow without getting their tiny paws cold. And we know it could work based on TikTok user @victoriabuckaroogirl’s video. Check it out! 

Aww! This video is way better than any Christmas or holiday movie we’ve ever seen. Why can’t Disney make a show based on these cool cats and kittens?! That would seriously be such an adorable movie for the holiday season.

“I was so happy watching one cat ride in the sled and then you stopped to pick up another one -omg!!” wrote @jennfersan. We were already in love within seconds of this clip. Then when the second cat came aboard, we melted completely. The creator responded by saying, “I stopped recording when the third one popped in too but normally it’s 2-4 of them in there at once.” O.M.G. We need to see that immediately!

@angelbaby14 said, “OMG, it’s like the cat bus stop.” Ha! That’s spot on. We’ll volunteer to drive the cat bus next time. “This makes my heart so happy,” commented @kathyt0901. Same here! Also, it totally got us in the winter spirit.

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