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Here's the Truth About Whether Cats See Owners As Parents

We love nothing more than learning new information about our feline friends. What, exactly, is going on in their furry little heads? Well, this video may cause you to rethink the idea that you are your cat's mom or dad. The reality is, you are actually THEIR kitten. 

Just watch this fascinating video posted by TikTok user @Gatofather and see if you feel differently about calling yourself a cat parent. 

This, hilariously, makes so much sense! Especially considering how many times you've found a decapitated bunny on your doorstep when your cat sneaks out. @Bethfreschi comments, "I am having fun imagining this idea of being the kitten of my 3 kitties!" LOL. @Snorlaxkerri asks , "Is this why she tries to clean me too?" Exactly, this is why our cats lick us, they think they are grooming us. @Merrynotagirl has decided they are not a kitten at all, commenting, "No, I’m a scratch toy." 

This is so interesting to consider, especially considering so many of us think our cats are our "babies." If we are indeed their babies, they should probably start cooking and cleaning up after us more! 

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