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Cat's Unconventional Sleeping Positions Are Too Funny to Miss

One of the joys of being a cat owner is finding so many opportunities to just laugh at what utter weirdos cats can be. One of the most bizarre things cats do is sleep in just the weirdest positions. Just ask cat owner and TikTok user @Miesthecat who posted this hilarious video of all the bonkers sleep positions he finds his cat in. 

This is just too funny. 

LOL, at least he looks pretty comfy! @Brandeejackson says, "So cute!!! And why do cats have to fit in the smallest, most uncomfortable places?  I have 9 brats and they do the same thing!" @Gnome adds, "My cat lays on my bed and then face plants straight into my book bag or my pillows!" @Stevenwood declares, "From here on out cats are now classified as a liquid. No further questions at this time." 

We can get behind that! They aren't cats. They are liquid! Which would explain why so many cats love sleeping in sinks and bathtubs! 

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