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Cat Hilariously 'Steals' Mom's Drink in Irresistible Video

If you're a kitten or a cat owner, chances are you've had many a beverage ruined. Cats love nothing more than stealing their owners drinks, or shoving their heads into their cups, or just knocking the whole thing over. it doesn't matter if it's a soda or a cup of water or coffee or even a glass of wine you've been looking forward to enjoying after a hard day of work - if it's liquid and in a drinking vessel your feline friend is going to mess that ish up. 

That's exactly what the TikTok video uploaded by @Idonthavetiktok58 perfectly illustrates. But just watch this hilarious video and see how this baby kitten reacts when mom tries to take her cup back. 

LOL! She's so grabby! @Natasha says, "The way the cup was grabbed!" @Milfover says, "The way the cat grabbed the cup added 20 years onto my lifespan that was so cute." LOL! Now that's some quality TikTok content right there. @Lisasharp knows this situation all too well adding, "Me drinking out of a tumbler with a lid because of the cat in my lap."

That's basically the only solution we can come up with, but then again, not sure that would stop most cats from knocking a cup over anyway. That's what they are best at! Well, that and being little adorable purr monsters. 

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