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Cats Hilariously Take Over New Baby's Nursery in Video That's Cracking Us Up

Owning any pet requires us to give up a little of our own space and comfort to help them feel at home, but the two cats in The W Family's latest video take this to a whole new level. On their TikTok account @kuzcopluscleo, the felines can be seen getting into all sorts of trouble, so it's no wonder why they have so many fans already. 

In this video, though, Kuzco and Cleo get comfy in a space that's not exactly meant for them--the nursery! Both cats' positions of choice are just too funny, so we can totally see why their mum let it be (and got it on film) instead of shooing them away. We'd do the same!

Of course the kitties took over the new nursery--what did you expect? After all, cats are known for making spaces their own. We're just glad they're already comfy and not scratching or marking on the new furniture. To quote commenter @ryan13waters, "They settled in fast!"

Not only did they settle in, but the cats are super relaxed, too! Especially Kuzco, who's lying on his back on the armchair. "The belly up!!" @ellawatchestv_ commented.
They are so comfy 🥰." They really are, so just imagine how comfy their new baby sister will be when she arrives! 

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Many viewers are loving the adorable nursery decor just as much as its feline guests. , and we can see why. From the plush-looking crib to the stylish aqua lamp--it's gorgeous! "Beautiful room for the babies," wrote @dvakotazh. "Where will your child sleep though?" LMAO! 

The cats may as well crawl into the crib at this point since they're getting so comfy so quickly. In fact, Kuzco looks so relaxed sprawled out on the armchair that he could be a pillow! "Awe he matches perfectly 🥰," @nic_and_sixx said, and we couldn't agree more! Hopefully he'll scoot over a bit once the baby arrives. 

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