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Video of Cat Siblings Trying to Scare Each Other Like Human Kids Makes Us LOL

Who says sibling rivalries don't extend to the animal kingdom? By the look of two cats on TikTok, it’d be pretty hard to tell them apart from any other pair of siblings. That’s probably because Want and PP have been obsessed with scaring each other around the house, as can be seen in a video that's been blowing up online. 

The two cats were caught in the act in a video later shared on their owner’s TikTok page. “So I’ve noticed the cats have been trying to scare each other behind the door,” @ppandwant explained in the video’s onscreen text. This time, it was Want who was hiding from PP. “Want’s had it with PP scaring him, so Want’s doing it back,” his owner explained in the caption. The kitty waited until the exact perfect moment to jump out at poor PP and then BOOM — “jump scare.” What happens next is just great.

The video has over 5 million views, and people in the comments section couldn’t get over these two pranking each other. “Oh, to be a cat living with another cat,” @uninspired joked. “They’re playing hide and seek,” @bensonislynx wrote. “Ahaahhaahh best game ever!” @puppy52doll added. “It's SOOO hard being this patient IRL just for a little fun,” @meow.js chimed in.

Other people shared their pets have tried to scare each other, too. “Mine do this, too!!” @briisverysadnsezi shared. “They also play tag.” “I do this with my cat! He even uses the mirror on the closet to see where I am,” @unrelentingforce commented. “Anytime one of mine tries to scare the other, I call the one over to help the other one scare them,” @Theagentwafflez admitted.

It doesn't seem like these two will stop playing their "game" anytime soon. Although, we're sure their owners are hoping it's just a phase.