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Cat's Clever Trick to Wake Up Her Owner Each Morning Is Going Viral

Cats certainly aren't shy about wanting to get their human's attention, especially when they're wide awake and want to play. One kitty in particular has come up with a clever trick to wake her sleeping owner up each morning. He shared a video of what she does to wake him on his TikTok account, @jamesisbeasty, and it's going viral with 3 million views.

The clip is captioned with, "Who needs a morning coffee when you can have a morning heart attack?" OMG. This cat's method of being an alarm clock for this guy is so hilarious, but it also shows just how smart she is. How did she figure this out? Watch the video. You'll laugh out loud.

LMAO! Can you even imagine being in a deep sleep only to suddenly hear that sound coming through the door? People can't get over this cat's cleverness, and the comments are pouring in. @Madilyn Bailey noted, "This displays far too much intelligence 😳." @Lexa added, "They know what they’re doing 😳😒. Time to wake up hooman."

As James, the video creator explained in the comments, "My cat's name is Kali, and she just started doing this to me recently. I think she has attachment issues… A real sweetheart, though." Aww. Kali just wants to be with him is all.

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Plenty of people could relate to James' morning woes and chimed in to let him know the funny ways their cats wake them up. @Brandon Farley said, "My cat literally shakes the door as if somebody’s trying to break in. Scares me every morning." And @RubyWolf responded with, "My cat figured out how to open the curtains in my room so the sun wakes me up."

Even though James probably isn't getting quite as much rest as he should, we have to thank him for sharing this video with the rest of the world since it's giving everyone such a good laugh. We're definitely here for this smart kitty's antics!

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