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Viral Video of Cats Watching 'Safety Training' Has the Internet in Stitches

Cats may have nine lives, as the popular saying goes, but they still need to be careful not to use those lives up! Luckily, owners have tons of ways to keep their fur baby safe and sound. From keeping cats indoors to exposing them to a variety of situations, the opportunities to 'cat' are almost endless. 

Sometimes, though, a little extra help can go a long way. This can look like a lot of different things, but for @unrealsami's 2 felines, a more traditional approach was best. Have you ever seen a cat watching a training video before?

These two are positively glued to the TV! That's totally how we feel when we watch our favorite shows, but when there's a training video on? Not so much. These two must be star pupil material! They're going to ace How To Cat 101, without a doubt. 

Funny enough, this video's viewers are just as riveted by the cats as the cats are to the TV. It's not at all surprising--they are quite adorable--but it's still entertaining to watch. Just take a peek through the comments!

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"I love how they’re paying attention 😻," wrote @lisachaulkfrausto. Well, they've got to make the most of their lessons, right? The ginger cat even hops up closer to the TV to get a better look! We totally chuckled at @zwave_al's comment that said, "yk orange gon go out there and try it if it works." Oh gosh, we certainly hope not!

"'We don’t leave the couch so this doesn’t pertain to us,'” @ifyourpettalked joked. LOL--now that's more like it! These spoiled babies seem more like they can't take their eyes off of a suspenseful show than like they're training for something. They're living the good life for sure. 

The only funnier detail than the kitties tuning in to the screen is the way they communicate with each other. "Lmao he looked back at the other cat like you watching this too 😂," said @exterma23. He so did! They probably can't believe what they're seeing, which is exactly why they may plan to stay on the couch for the foreseeable future. 

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