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Cat Wearing His 'Judgy' Hats Is the Best Thing We've Seen All Day

TikTok account @LouisandMelo belongs to two very adorable cats. And one of them happens to be extremely judgy. Well, at least his face is. Louis is a champion at, to put it in a family friendly way, resting grump face, and he is just too adorable. Even though this cat looks like he takes issue with everything he encounters, he is still all too cute. 

And how do you make an adorably cranky looking cat look even more adorable? Just add accessories, and somehow his crankiness becomes even cuter! Just check out this video to see what we mean. 

We love his disapproving little face! Adding hats to it just makes it that much better, and users in the comments agree. @Sandy posts, "The hats bring it to a new level of judgy." @Heaven makes a very valid point by saying "At first I was sad to be judged but now that he has a hat it makes it 100% okay!" Yes, for some reason the hat makes the judging seem that much more official. @MaegenSierra adds, "Well worth it. I deserve to be judged while wearing a pumpkin hat." How can you even pick a favorite out of all these? The ducky one is just beyond cute. 

Louis may look like a grump, but his glare doesn't fool any of us. Give us some catnip and some treats and we'd win him over in no time. Just as long as we weren't wearing a goofy hat while trying to do so! 

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