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Traveler's Video of Cats Happily Napping on a Windowsill in Turkey Is As Good As It Gets

There are so many amazing things to see or do while you're traveling, though appreciating the local flora and fauna is sometimes overlooked. Of course, it's very exciting to see something different and rare like a dolphin or sea turtle, but even sleeping cats can be the highlight of a trip. Just ask TikToker and traveler, Mackenzie!

She goes by @girlgoingsolo on TikTok, and if you can't tell from her follower count, she's killing the game! One of her recent clips went viral for the most adorable reason, though, and we couldn't resist sharing it.

Honestly, this could be a popular tourist destination if these kitties keep napping here! We know we'd travel to Turkey just to see them, and we're not the only ones. Commenter @laurenfontenot65 literally said, "I want to go to there!" Want to carpool? 

Much to our surprise, even self-proclaimed non-cat people were in awe of these sleeping beauties. "Didn’t think I was a cat person but love this!" @oletsee wrote. Even Mackenzie can relate! 

She replied, "traveling has turned me into a cat person🥺 growing up I wasn’t one." That's so sweet! If we saw cuddle sessions like this on the regular, we'd learn to love any animal. The facts check out!

We think @lalimaperez summed up this video perfectly when they commented, "'I can’t imagine a more beautiful thing' 😻." Who knew the corn song's lyrics could apply to both corn and cats?

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