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Photo of Cavapoo Puppy Deemed 'Not Adoptable' for Being 'Imperfect' Tugs at Our Heartstrings

Our hearts absolutely break for animals who are deemed "not adoptable." Who in their right mind could ever think that of a fur baby?! They're all adoptable and lovable and adorable. At least they are in our minds and apparently it is with TikTok user @midwestmandy.  

This TikToker recently posted a clip of her dog named Benji and what he looked like when she first brought him home. The Cavapoo had a skin condition called puppy strangles. And so for some reason because of that, he was getting overlooked. How?! 

Ugh, our hearts break for this puppo! We don't know how anyone wouldn't want Benji. Even with this skin condition, he is as adorable as they come. And we're so glad this TikToker decided to bring him home. 

"Their loss," commented @Do_u_get_dejavu666. Absolutely their loss. Benji is a catch and anyone would be lucky to have him! But now they can't have him, because this TikToker took him in. LOL! Thankfully she did though! 

Another TikTok user, @arnb134, "Um excuse me he is perfect in fact he's bloody adorable - I hope Benji has the best life." The most adorable little baby we've ever seen! We hope so too, but we already know he's living larger with this TikToker. Plus, his 1st birthday is coming up this month which means he'll be spoiled with all the treats he could imagine! 


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