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Cavapoo Vibes With Alexis From 'Schitt's Creek' in Video We Can't Resist

Dogs will often sit with their owners while they are watching television, but have you ever wondered if your pup is watching the show too? This one Cavapoo proved to his owner that he is just as invested in the show as the humans, and we can't get enough of it!

In the TikTok posted by @cavapoo_mowgli, this Cavapoo named Mowgli was obsessed with Schitt's Creek! In this particular episode, Alexis Rose performs a dance and song as part of an audition for the musical Cabaret, and Mowgli had the funniest reaction to watching this scene! Check out the video to see just how engaged Mowgli is by the show.

This pup is too funny! The way he stands up on his hind legs in front of the television screen and dances along with Alexis is so relatable.

The people in the comments of this video were obsessed with Mowgli. @ziggy_stardust1986 said, "OMG I watched this so many times. It’s so cute," and @harringtonsvisuals commented that Mowgli is "so slay," which is modern slang for saying that someone is doing a great job or that they are really cool. Mowgli is totally that boy with his taste and dance moves!

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Others are saying Mowgli and Alexis are kindred spirits. @artiethecat1 commented that Mowgli is "totally vibing with Alexis!" and @loveandwar36 said that Alexis is "CLEARLY his spirit animal." We need to get a spin-off from Schitt's Creek featuring Alexis and Mowgli as best friends ASAP!

We must say, Mowgli has great taste in television shows and characters. Alexis is great, and so is this tasteful Cavapoo!


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