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Video of Dog Being Rescued After Owners Chained Her Up and Moved Away Is So Moving

When you adopt a pet, they become members of your family. They aren't toys that you can just cast aside when they become inconvenient or boring. This is a lesson some people have yet to learn, as made evident by the dog that was abandoned by a family when they moved away.

TikTok user @bevonfreeman recently shared a video of her rescue mission for an abandoned chocolate Labrador when she was left chained outside after her family moved out. Check out the video to see these heartbreaking conditions and the moving rescue of this sweet girl.

OMG, we are astounded that anyone could abandon a dog and leave her in such horrid conditions. We are so thankful she had a guardian angel looking out for her to lead these kind people to rescue her!

People in the comments were extremely happy she was found by this woman. @lrod04569 said, "This angel is so fortunate to be rescued by you. She looks so sweet. Her former humans… I can’t even imagine. There is a special place for them." Another user, @vargas_mc, commented, "Omg thank you for saving her! Her excitement is pure joy!" We are so thankful for people who take the time out of their day to help those who need it!

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Others couldn't understand how people could do this to their dog. @mirandaubben commented, "Who could ever abandon that sweet face? My fur babies are my life," and @dimplesrlife said, "How could someone leave a beautiful dog like her?! She's gorgeous, I wish I could have her." We will never understand how people could have such little regard for their pets.

We love our fur babies dearly and would never even think about abandoning them like this. We know this pup will find a new family that will love her like she deserves thanks to the moving actions of her savior.

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