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Moment a Chained Dog Is Given Her Very First Toy Makes Us Want to Sob

Dogs are some of the sweetest, most loving beings on this earth, and it warms any pup lover's heart to see a dog comfy and happy. Unfortunately, not every dog is well-taken care of. There are many rescues that aim to help owners care for their canine friends, whether by providing access to healthcare, surrendering and adoption, or alternatives to leaving a dog outside.

In the case of @bevonfreeman, who works with Saving Tails Animal Rescue in Flint, Michigan, her latest viral video came about while she was delivering goodies to one of her four-legged friends. She often visits pups who live outdoors, leaving them essentials like toys, food, and doghouses to help them navigate each day. This time, she gave this sweet, chained-up dog her very first toy, and we're reaching for the tissues already.

What a precious little angel dog! She was so gentle when taking the rope toy and receiving pets from Bev--it's like she was saying thank you for the gift and the love. 

"She was so happy with that toy," commented @az_hot_dawgs. "At least there's water, hopefully she doesn't spend winter outside. She looks well fed which is a huge plus." That is true, but it doesn't erase that this poor pup spends the entirety of her life at the end of a chain.

Needless to say, this upsets many people, including many in the comments. Viewer @misskay1974 said, "We don't deserve dogs! They should never be chained," and we couldn't agree more. Dogs are members of the family! 

"Laws have to change..." @teddyrufus2010 wrote. Yes! That's exactly the kind of battle @bevonfreeman could take on with Saving Tails Animal Rescue, but until something changes on a larger scale, she'll be reaching out to individual pups to help as much as she can. Thank you, Bev!