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Video of Rescued Baby Seal in Canada Has Everyone Falling in Love

If you ranked everything in the universe by levels of cuteness, baby animals would be at the very top. Puppies, kittens, bear cubs...they're all just so hard to resist! Just ask the 1 million TikTok users who have seen this adorable video of Cheesecake, the baby harbor seal who was rescued by the Marine Mammal Rescue

For Cheesecake, who was separated from his mom at too early an age, being cute is just a part of life. He's never known it any other way! This little Canadian seal is completely oblivious to his adoring fans, but we think that makes him even cuter. And with a name like Cheesecake, you just know he's going to be a cutie pie.

Yep, that's about the cutest seal we've ever seen! With those huge eyes and adorable little speckles, how could anyone not fall for Cheesecake? Plus--his name is Cheesecake!

"Yep that’s it I’m taking him home 😭," commented @megan.sparks. You're going to have some competition! Tons of viewers would take this precious baby home if they could, and we'd be lying if we said we weren't on the list too. Just look at him!

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"My fatal flaw is that I think cheesecake would make a great pet and I could easily raise him in my suburban Pennsylvania home," @jaymariee08 said. LOL! At least she's being realistic, right? 

Commenter @na.portella wants to help Cheesecake make a jailbreak, too. He said, "Ok so you should definitely up security because I’m currently en route to bring cheesecake home with me." We don't blame you one bit!

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