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Dog Park in Chicago Has a 'Dog Treat Truck' and People Think It's Genius

Just when we thought we've seen all the genius ideas already come to light, more are still rolling in! Wow, people are so creative and innovative. The time, we're talking about a food truck in Chicago that has us wanting to visit ASAP. No, not a food truck for humans, a food truck solely for our dogs, which is even better!  

TikTok user @goth_pack was visiting Chicago when he stumbled upon a 'dog treat truck' called Fido To Go. He filmed the experience as he waited with his excited dogs in line. This brilliant food truck made its debut in 2011 after a few years of researching and perfecting treat recipes. Since then, the truck has been traveling across the Windy City selling treats to good doggos. And now after this TikTok, we have a feeling the line is going to be double as long. 

OMG! What a fun and unique thing to stumble upon during a visit to Chicago. Whenever we end up there next, we'll be following Fido To Go to make sure our dogs can experience it no matter how long the line is.

TikTok users are going crazy over this. How could you not?! It's absolutely genius! @Eli Voilelle said, "Omg that person knows us millennials too well 🙈. They will make a fortune." Seriously! Especially since it seems like every millennial has a dog. 

"My labs would simply leap through the window and eat it all. 😂," commented @Em. Something tells us that they wouldn't be the first dogs to do this. LOL. "I want to follow this truck around and pet all the dogs 😳," added @FinleyDogg. Yeah, is this truck hiring and if so, where can we send in an application?

All we have to say is, the owner of this food truck is an absolute genius. And they better patent this idea now! We can see it now, 'dog treat trucks' across the country. Watch out Shark Tank, a new business idea might be coming your way!