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Chicago Zoo Animals Enjoy First Snow of the Season in Precious Video

As the weather gets colder, there are many things to look forward to: the holiday season, hot coco, apple pie, and, most importantly, the first snow of the season. The animals at one zoo in a Chicago suburb recently experienced their first snow of the season, and the video is something you don't want to miss.

Brookfield Zoo is a zoo in the suburbs of Chicago, and they recently shared a video on their TikTok, @brookfieldzoo, of some of the animals enjoying the first snowfall of the season. In the video, a variety of animals, from big cats to bears, frolic in the snow. Check out the video to see these cute moments!

Awww, this is so precious! We are so glad that these animals are having a fun time and enjoying the cold weather. We can't wait until we can play in the snow with our dogs!

People in the comments are loving how happy these animals look. @_sereph_ said, "The snow leopards and polar bear are so happy! It’s for them!" and @jlew_02 commented, "The polar bear and snow leopards look so happy." This is called the most wonderful time of the year for a reason!

Others thought these animals looked absolutely adorable! @eeyelash_ commented, "Ahhh they look so cute in the snow!" and @thrasherdenis said, "Can we get more polar bear content? I love them so much, and seeing them with snow is so cute!" We love this video so much that we have it playing on repeat!

We love that the Brookfield Zoo shared this awesome video of their animals having a blast. We hope there's plenty more snow for them to play in this winter!

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