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Rescue Chicken Uses the Cat Door Like a Total Pro in Video We Can't Resist

As two of the most common domestic pets, dogs and cats are no strangers to doors--there are even pet doors made specifically for them! Birds, though, aren't usually seen using doors, so we were a bit surprised to see @jodiejade91's rescue chicken letting herself in through the cat door. She walked on in like she owns the joint!

If you ask us, she probably does run the show in that house. Just listen to the adorable greeting she gave to her mama!

We aren't the only ones in love with this chicken, right? Her personality is beyond cute, especially--as commenter @carolinehunt25 put it-- "the way she says hello I’m in🥰." It's such a joyful little cluck! If you ask us, this feathered diva has some serious main-character energy.

"What breed of cat is that?" asked @misshelenia. LMAO! This chicken uses the cat door like a pro, and it looks like she has some feline siblings, too, so maybe she thinks she's a cat. Either way, she let herself in as if the door was installed specially for her. We'll never tell her otherwise! 

@Christinedixon907 said, "Ive heard of a cat flap but not a chicken flap 🤣." Well that's about to change! This little hen is ready to make every door her door, and we're totally here for it. 

"A cat flap in a glass door," wrote @finn0605. "I need one. Where did u get it please?" Finally, someone asked what we were all wondering! 

"You get it from Amazon £20," Jodie replied. "However you have to have a whole new piece of glass as that’s the only way they could fit it! 🥰Xx." Oh my! This sounds like an investment, but it's defintiely a worthy one for fur babies who love to go outside.

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