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Chicken's Odd Egg-Laying Ritual Is Too Good to Miss

People and animals have a lot in common, including a love of habits. Whether it's a hygiene routine or a particular way to get comfortable in bed, it can feel safe and reassuring to indulge in something that's always the same. For this hilarious hen, though, her routine can look a little different.

Traveler and TikToker @gressabailey captured this once-in-a-lifetime moment when the chicken decided to lay her egg somewhere unique. If we're being totally honest, though, we think she picked the perfect spot.

OMG! We've never seen anything like this before, and we are loving it. This chicken is a bird who knows what she wants! From the confident way she lets herself in, to her nonchalant, eggless exit, she's absolutely owning her every move. Like @springtimeoppy said, maybe she's "just paying her rent lol." There's no need to go collect her eggs, though. 

"Well you can't get any fresher food delivered than that," wrote @finbar085. It's true! The only way the hen could make this any easier would be if she walked to the kitchen and hatched the egg in a pan, but this is pretty dang close. With the added bit of hilarity, though, it's oh-so-worth it. "I mean she’s literally bringing you breakfast every day," @kirstylee367 pointed out. "You’re the chosen one." We hope @gressabailey feels so special!

We're sure everything changed the first time the hen tried the bed, too. Viewer @rhaphidowhora worded it perfectly, saying, "her @ her friends. Guys I have the fanciest nest box you’re ever gonna see!!" LMAO--we wouldn't be surprised if she came back one day with friends in tow!

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